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 The year the musical landscape changed forever. Elvis died and the New Wave of Punk Rock established itself.


Born was the Man on Rollerskates and the legend of Section B.


A four piece band that could not play a note but still managed to establish a faithful following and notoriety that is still spoken of today. Their names cannot be printed so as to protect the guilty.


Influenced by the rise of punk and the move against the establishment all set in their old ways celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, the band was formed to become part of the rapid movement of new bands doing their thing. You didn’t need any skill or experience, you just did it!


We are here to preserve their memory and ensure that the Spirt of Punk lives on.


 The Man on Rollerskates continues to roll on and is loving and living Roller Derby. One of the fastest growing sports played by men and women full of physical contact and must win attitude, its the best sport around. Look out for your local bout.



Rolling Diamond Ltd is a limited company registered in Scotland.  Company Registration No. SC433693.

Registered Office: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR